Advocacy & Campaigns

Passing laws requires building a movement, and we can help with any or all aspects of the process. VSS team members have managed, advised, and worked on a variety of successful state and local cannabis-related ballot initiative campaigns, as well as several successful state legislative efforts. We are eager to work with individuals and organizations around the nation to enact effective cannabis policies, and we know what it takes to get the job done.


Government Relations

VSS team members have extensive experience working on all types of cannabis policy issues — adult-use, medical, and hemp — at every level of government. Our knowledge of the industry, combined with our ability to educate and persuade decision-makers, will ensure you receive superior representation. We know which types of laws and regulations have been effective and which should be avoided, making VSS particularly well-positioned to advise on efforts to enact new state and local cannabis policies.


Policy Guidance

With unrivaled experience drafting and implementing cannabis laws and regulations — and  analyzing marijuana and hemp markets — VSS is uniquely qualified to assist businesses, industry associations, investors, governmental bodies, and advocacy organizations  on all matters related to cannabis policy. From extensive reviews of existing or draft legislation or regulations to analyses of their potential impact on business plans, we offer a variety of consulting services that enable entities to understand the implications of these policies and strategically pursue changes.


Research & Analysis

VSS offers valuable research and market analysis to inform client decisions on cannabis policy. We have the talent, tools, and experience to offer a broad range of services, including cannabis market quantification, demand forecasting, medical patient population analysis, specialized regulatory research, wholesale and retail pricing model development, production control evaluation, and tax revenue estimations. They are customized to meet the individual needs of each public or private sector client and provide a data-driven basis for business and policy decisions.


Strategic Communications

We have spent years on the front lines of the movement to change cannabis laws in the U.S., so we understand the interplay between public opinion and cannabis-related activities better than any other firm in the country. VSS can assist with everything from drafting press releases and  coordinating media relations to designing ads and developing a paid and/or earned media strategy. Whether you are operating a cannabis-related business or advocating for or against cannabis-related legislation, we can help you generate beneficial media coverage and respond rapidly to any crises that may arise.



VS Strategies serves businesses, trade associations, advocacy organizations, and other groups and individuals seeking to shape public opinion and implement the most effective cannabis laws and regulations. Our current and past clients include: