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Andrew Livingston is a partner at VS Strategies. He is based in Denver, where he also serves as director of economics and research at Vicente LLP.

Andrew has spent his entire career researching and analyzing cannabis markets and policy, and he has assisted a wide variety of public and private sector clients with developing, implementing and evaluating cannabis laws and regulations. Andrew has authored and contributed to several policy white papers and economic impact reports on behalf of cannabis industry groups, advocacy organizations, and campaigns.

In his role at Vicente LLP, Andrew has helped several marijuana and hemp businesses develop and expand their enterprises across markets nationally and internationally. Companies and investors look to him to navigate regulatory intricacies that influence market dynamics and to create sophisticated revenue models and pro forma to guide strategic decision-making.

Andrew first worked alongside VSS leaders during the historic Amendment 64 campaign, which legalized and regulated cannabis for adult use in Colorado. Following its implementation, he served as an inaugural member and chair of the policy committee for the Denver Cannabis Sustainability Working Group, where he helped coordinate government and business efforts to increase environmental stewardship within the cannabis industry. He remains intricately involved in a wide variety of state, national, and international cannabis policy matters.

Andrew is a co-host of the popular cannabis policy podcast Weed Wonks, and he is a regular guest on Marijuana Today, the cannabis industry’s top business and politics podcast. He frequently appears in local and national media, as well as at business and legal seminars around the U.S. and abroad, discussing the intersection of market dynamics and cannabis policy.

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